Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Evans The Death

If you've been following my humble blog since I started writing to the interwebs at large in March, you'll know that I have a propensity to keep on about stuff that I like, ad nauseam, until you start to like it too.

Today's post is no different. It essentially consists of me telling you that you have to listen to a pop group called Evans The Death right now because if you don't, you'll be a little less happy than those who have; and when they become the latest 'it' band, you'll be a little less cool than all your friends who will have wisely checked them out way before you bothered to.

So, their name comes from Dylan Thomas's play, 'Under Milk Wood'. In Wales they have a weird custom whereby people are named after something to do with their profession; Mr Evans, for instance, is an undertaker, hence Evans the Death. I frequently used to visit Swansea and was often greeted by So-and-so the Milk, etc.

Back to the group! There's five of them: they're all jangling guitars and crashing drums, nicely finished by Katherine Whitaker's freefalling lullaby vocals. A bit Smiths, a bit Duke Spirit, a bit Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, they sound like they're still sort of in their infancy but they've definitely got the potential to make your heart ache.

I think their songs were recorded with a certain Mr Brattwell recently, which is fun. They're also playing a bunch of London shows this Summer, and I hope to play on the same bill as them very shortly. Watch this space.