Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Jack Underwood

The next record to be released by O Genesis will be poet Jack Underwood's reading of "Wilderbeast". Listen to the B-side, called "Toad".

 Toad by O Genesis Recordings

Jack was published by Faber & Faber in 2009, in their volume "New Poets 4"; he currently lectures at Goldsmith's University, London; he co-edits the anthology series "Stop Sharpening Your Knives". I was at the studio when Jack came to record his poems and I sat on the stairs by the live room to listen to his reading. His kind-of-undulating style reminded me of Ginsberg, as did some of the sexual content of "Wilderbeast".

I love the idea that O Genesis will be releasing a spoken word record, since there is a great tradition of poets releasing recordings of their works and I think it's probably best to hear a poem straight from the author's mouth. My favourite poets Larkin and Ginsberg did it, Tennyson did it - practically bellowing his verse into the microphone - and now Jack Underwood's doing it.

When the record comes out, get a copy because it'll be something worth keeping for a long time.