Monday, 12 December 2011

Ultra Brit

I've been written about in Spanish, which is a first, on a blog called Ultra Brit, an Argentinian-based blog concerning British artists only.

The full article is here, below is a rough translation courtesy of the slightly iffy Google Translate:

"Ultra Brit introduces you to a young talent that is the big bet of Genesis Recordings.

Joseph Coward is a young 19 year old Londoner who already has two singles in the music industry. With a clear voice and a dark but personal, is the first artist released on the new label by Tim Burgess, lead singer of The Charlatans.

The first single, "Jesus Christ / Worry Wart" produced by Burgess, consists of Joseph's voice, his guitar and drums. According to the presentation page makes him the label, "His singing captures the elements of Arthur Russell, with lyrical eloquence of Morrissey. His lyrics are full of biblical images that try to explore the self in a hostile world. The routine, boredom, difficult relationships and the confusion of youth are common themes in their composition. "

The second single is comprised of the songs "If You Want To Get Going, Get Talking (To Me) / The End Of The World Is Coming" and left, like the first, in a limited edition vinyl 7 "and digital format for download from the web itself or O Genesis. In the words of Joseph, expressed in his blog, "
I'm excited to have another record out. The idea of people buying my music is kind of a kick."

Tim Burgess's support this new talent, producer and editor, seems to be total. Last Friday, presented together in an event at Central Station Wrexham."

The blog is run by Giselle Hidalgo, say hello to her on Twitter.