Thursday, 10 May 2012

Free Song, Free Film, Free Date

So the stuff I've been hinting about over Twitter etc recently has all come together rather nicely. Here's the rub:

I was approached by a small film company called PGXism and asked to be the first artist to feature in one of a series of shorts about, uh, bands and artists. It looks pretty good to me, you can watch it here. I talk about my new band and living in Brentwood; there's some live footage too.

As part of the whole package, I decided to give away a new song too. You can download "The Emperor Of America" by going to my Facebook page, clicking on the download button at the top of the page, and then clicking like to get a private link to the song. Easy. Please write to me and tell me if you love or hate the song, or if you couldn't care less.

To celebrate this multimedia bonanza (not really, we're getting paid to turn up), the band and I will be appearing at a free show at The Old Blue Last on Great Eastern St, London. The date is May 19th, that's Saturday next week.

We'll be on the bill with Breathe Out, I reccommend you show your stupid little faces and come and say hello to me. I'll say hello back.

Enjoy all the stuff.