Sunday, 15 May 2011

Caving in

I'm afraid I've gone and done it.

Yes, against my better judgement and resistance I've joined that bloody online community that's apparently obsessed with somebody called Justin Beiber and (the far more attention-worthy) Stephen Fry.

The site seems OK at first glance, it's a good way of keeping up with last minute show updates, cancellations and interesting band rumours. It's apparently also a good way of dispelling myths and erroneous newspaper articles, though I haven't had any run-in's with the paparazzi yet (give me time, I'll get there soon).

If you click on this link you'll be redirected to my Twitter (even the name is embarrassing) profile, where you can "follow" me and keep up to date with my movements. I won't be posting every other five minutes like some bands and artists insist on doing, because I'm respectful of the fact that you, like most other sane people, don't actually care what I'm doing, where I am or where I've recently been. This blog will still be the place to see what I'm up to, get the latest information and to hear any interesting music I've been listening to recently. Speaking of which:

Bill Callahan is a genius.

Anyway: I'm now officially one of them (gooble gobble) and I look forward to seeing you on Twitter. Even though I'm just using it as an excuse to keep tabs on Billy Corgan - I'll track him down sooner or later.