Sunday, 20 November 2011

Artrocker Feature

A couple of weeks ago I posted about an interview I gave to Artrocker magazine along with Jack Underwood, Blood Music, Replicas, Tim Burgess and Nik Void. It hasn't come out too badly, I don't think.

I'm pleased to have been featured and Lee did a good job with the article though I fear I have been misquoted a couple of times, which makes me glad that I have this blog in which to set the only slightly wonky record straight. (No, really, you're welcome.) 

Tim probably felt obliged to say flattering things about me because he was sitting about three feet away from me – within kicking distance, in other words. Anyway, just a few things: The paragraph concerning Nik and Factory Floor is all paraphrased; I never use the word stuff, or refer to my working relationship with Tim as a "bonus". So that's that cleared up. 

Buy the magazine, the article in its entirety is a good read.