Friday, 15 February 2013

"Children's Bones" Video & Behind-The-Scenes

Last month a small crew made up of extras, producers and camera operators embarked on a journey into deepest darkest Dalston to shoot the video for my forthcoming new single, "Children's Bones".

The finished product is now online, and we are all pleased with the result. Watch below; keep scrolling afterwards, though, because I've put together a small behind the scenes video to show you the vision that is me walking around in public, looking very pink and cold.

Anyway my sincerest thanks to Angelica Riccardi, Beniamino Barrese, Samir Eskanda, Peggy-Sue Cranney, Danny Stead and Rhiannon Thomas for making the production possible.

Let me know what you think of both, and I'll see you on the 26th.

Joseph Coward - Children's Bones from Joseph Coward on Vimeo.