Wednesday, 1 June 2011


This is by far my favourite song by S.C.U.M, called "Summon The Sound"; I've been waiting to hear a studio version of this for three years, and I'm pleased to discover that they've finally got around to recording it.

(God, it's June already. Time's passing us all by. I expect I'll be dead soon.)

I first heard about S.C.U.M in '07/'08, I think they had about an inch of column space in the NME next to Electricity In Our Homes and I rushed to write about them on the music blog that I wrote at the time called Construction House (you can read the little bit I originally wrote here, it's quite amusing). I also used to print a fanzine of the same name that I distributed at shows, and the record shop on Berwick St in London used to give them out for me as well. If memory serves me correctly, I actually conducted quite an interesting interview with Tom, the lead singer of S.C.U.M, in issue #4. I don't have any copies of this left, but I assure you it was very good.

Anyway, they're on tour with the Kills now and I'm incredibly jealous of both their success and good looks. But do go to a show if you can make it, both groups are worthwhile.