Sunday, 20 March 2011


The esteemed Hatcham Social/honourary Charlatans drummer Finnigan Kidd and I took the train to Brighton on Thursday and he, Arran, Sarah, Dee, Billy, Tim, Mark and I had a lovely time. The Charlatans were fantastic as usual - onstage and off - and I was blown away by Blue On Blue. If you've ever had nagging doubts about how a band could realistically recreate their records onstage, you'll know what it's like to have all doubt removed by a staggering performance. I think it's official - I believe in Blue On Blue.

I'm glad Arran and I got some time to look around the town as well. I took some tourist type photographs, which are always fun. It's a shame not be playing with the Charlatans again until early this Summer but the three shows were such fun and I feel very lucky.

Here's to the next one.