Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I got back from the concert in Wrexham early yesterday afternoon, with the excellent Nik Colk and Arran Goodchild.

Despite being visibly frustrated onstage by the fact that I couldn't hear a note I was playing or singing, I did enjoy myself. Arran thumped his tubs very well, as per usual. The Charlatans' performance was good, have a look at a crude picture I took of them using my telephone. It is below this sentence, that I am typing right now, period.

Oh, and, speaking of me (and definitely not of the Charlatans, who are they anyway?), I'll be at a venue called The Hideaway in North London with some other groups on Sunday evening to play some songs. Send me an email so I can let you in through the back door for free, because I don't like the idea of you paying for things.

This post has become strange now, come and see me on Sunday and you'll see that I'm not very strange at all in Real Life.