Monday, 14 March 2011

Feels like Spring now

Thanks for coming last night. I forgot to mention before that the club night is run by a folk/pop group named Dirty Nelly; the idea of bands running clubs appeals to me immensely because it's how I started to play shows, and they're always more sensitive to the needs of the hired artists.

I'm not sure how regularly or frequently they'll be putting on shows - I haven't even been able to find a link to a promotions website, just their MySpace - but see that you go along to one shortly.

Next up: Union Chapel! This should be exciting, look at the room I'm going to be playing to.

As you may have seen, the show is unfortunately sold out (though I am in Brighton the next day); you can be sure I'll get some photographs to show for my time on stage.

Since the Sun is out, here's a song for the day that reminds me of good weather.