Tuesday, 1 March 2011

In which I talk more banal nonsense, and give a present to those who frequently read this blog

I decided to change the title of the blog, as you may or may not have noticed; I thought Like Custard was in fact perhaps too silly, so I've gone for the slightly more obvious and unambiguous The Letter J.

I also realise that lately I seem to be posting about anything other than music, but I promise there'll be plenty to report back from Joseph land when I start taking to the stage next week. As you know, my first stop in March will be Wrexham and I hope to get hold of some footage of the concert to show you when I get back to London. I'm looking forward to playing in front of a sold out audience...

So, to the 'present' alluded to in the title of today's post. Some of you may remember the EP I released on my own JCR imprint last year, called Animal Sweethearts. This has long since been out of stock, though it's still available from iTunes. I think I've put all the tracks up on MySpace at one stage or another, except one.

It's called "Christopher The Carrier" and is available to download for free by following this link. It's one of my favourite tracks because of the techniques Daniel Lea and I used to record it; throughout the song there are included several clips and samples from my original tape demos, and we also used lots of fun ideas like cymbal bowing and using gas canisters and scaffolding as percussive instruments.

Anyway - enjoy, and thank you for reading.